MINTS 6th network-wide event and workshop were held successfully in Rome

In the week of 6th December, 2022, the MINTS team had it’s 6th network-wide event and workshop in Rome.

The MINTS team was lucky to have their meetings and workshop organised in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rome.

This network-wide event was combined with the MINTS organised workshop – EmergingWireless 2022 – that was held within the CoNEXT2022 conference. This network-wide event (NWE) was one of the last ones of the ETN-MINTS project. Some of the MINTS ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) will be finishing their project before the next NWE in Helsinki. But this also means that the ESRs have progressed a lot since the beginning of this project! This can definitely be noticed in their progress presentations they gave on the first day of the series of meetings.

Informative meetings, discussion, brainstorming and planning were the main activities of this event followed by the dynamic EmergingWireless workshop.