Science is Wonderful 2021


MINTS is happy to announce that we were present at this year’s Science is Wonderful! – an event where scientists from all over Europe share their knowledge and discuss common topics with pupils of all ages. We can confirm that a bright future lies ahead of the European Union, one filled with skilled, ambitious, and motivated people. That is, resourceful individuals, keen on achieving even higher goals when working hand in hand with one another. However, we would also like to stress the importance of feeding their curiosity while they are young, and providing them sufficient support throughout their educational journey. For they will make up a vital part of our society in the years to come – in an EU we are all looking forward to.

A big round of applause for those who participated:


  • Elementary school Eugen Kvaternik, Velika Gorica, Croatia
  • Elementary school Rovišće, Bjelovar, Croatia
  • Gymnasium A. G. Matoša, Đakovo, Croatia
  • Gymnasium nr.6, Timisoara, Romania
  • Secondary school 126, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Elementary school Mate Lovraka Vladislavci, Ćepin, Croatia
  • Gymnasium Metković, Metković, Croatia
  • Elementary school Jurja Dobrile, Rovinj, Croatia

On behalf of MINTS, Alexander Marinšek (KU Leuven) and Enver Bashirov (University of Padova)