Afifa Ishtiaq

ESR 11


Afifa Ishtiaq is an early-stage researcher at TU Darmstadt University for the B5G MINTS Project. She’ll be working on Physical layer security of mmWave networks. She obtained her Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications) from UET, Taxila Pakistan and Master in Electrical Engineering (Digital Signals and Systems Processing) from NUST, Seecs Pakistan. In her master’s thesis, She has designed scalable and configurable hardware accelerators for post-quantum cryptography algorithms. From 2017 -2020, she has been working with CARE pvt ltd. The work involved FPGA implementation of Physical layer of OFDM waveform, which included demodulation, Channel Estimation and Equalization, Digital Automatic Gain Control and frequency hopping in the waveform. She has also worked on 5G SDR project on Zynq Platform.


Afifa is inclined towards the research and development in the field of wireless communications along with the embedded systems. In particular, she is interested in the designing & optimized implementations of the latest wireless communication standards on the advanced platforms. Apart from this she’s very much captivated to port the desired application functionality onto the FPGA in an optimized way in all terms for power, latency and area.


  • Location: TU Darmstadt