Stepan Kucera

Supervisor ESR 13


Dr. Stepan Kucera is a Senior Research Scientist in the Access Lab of Nokia Bell Laboratories in Ireland. Stepan received his Ph.D. degree in Informatics from Kyoto University in Japan in 2008, and filed over 60+ patents and published over 40+ book chapters, transactions and conference papers in peer-reviewed IEEE venues. For his innovative research work, he received several awards including Hummies Gold Award 2019 for Best human-competitive design, Nokia Outstanding Achievement Awards 2017-2019, Nokia Top Inventor Awards 2018-2019, Nokia Ireland Top Inventor of All Times 2019, Irish Laboratory Scientist of the Year Award 2018 and a Best Student Paper Award 2006 (VTC Kansai). He is an expert on 3GPP/IEEE/IETF standards and his technologies have been demonstrated in industry shows and tried by top-tier business customers world-wide.