Why do MINTS researchers look forward to the project bi-annual events?

Twice a year, a MINTS consortium member hosts the MINTS team for a network-wide event (NWE). This time the event was organized by University of Padova, in July 2022. The purpose of a NWE is to have the whole team come together in order to be updated on the research progress of the ESRs and to have work-package (WP) discussions. These meetings enhance collaboration among ESRs. Furthermore, the ESRs spend a couple of days for trainings: science/research as well as transferable-skills. Also this event is an opportunity for the ESRs to convey their ideas/suggestions/issues to the Supervisory Board by having the Researchers Council (ReC) meet with the Management Support Team (MST). Moreover, the Supervisory Board meets to monitor the project as a whole to assess its progress, identify issues (in case of any), and make decisions.